Spirit Week (10/26-10/30)

Spirit Week is just around the corner.  Spirit Week starts on Monday, October 26 and goes through Friday, October 30th.  This is a fun week in which each day has a different dress down theme.  Just like in years past the cost for the entire week of dress down is $10, or you can pay $3 per day.  The smart move would be to pay $10 on the first day since it is easier and will save you money.

Here are the themes for the week.

Monday -  Tie Dye/Neon/Hawaiia Day - wear those bright shirts and gaudy hawaiian prints.

Tuesday - Dress for a Cause Day - wear a color that represents a cause that you care about, or you can wear a shirt that discusses a cause that you care about.

Lung cancer: white.

Brain cancer: grey.

Breast cancer: pink.

Liver cancer: emerald green.

Lymphoma: lime green.

Prostate cancer: light blue.

Stomach cancer: periwinkle blue.

Bone cancer: yellow.

Wednesday - Twin/Duo/Meme Day - dress like a friend or become a meme.

Thursday - PJ/Comfy Clothes Day - dress like you just woke up and are going to lounge around all day.  

Friday - Animated Character Day - dress like your favorite Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Anime, Video Game character.

Remember that this is a school and you are still responsible for dressing appropriately and not wearing something that could cause an increased distraction to the learning environment.