SKY Academy is open to all students. Students may enroll in advance of the upcoming school year during open enrollment, which is Oct.1st - April 1st. If more students apply for enrollment that there is space for, a lottery will be held in the spring for all new student applicants (current students who plan to return to the schools the following year will be asked in advance to verify they'll be returning).  Venice SKY Academy's enrollment may not exceed 350 students.  Englewood SKY Academy's enrollment may not exceed 350 students.

We follow Sarasota County District Calendar.

Steps for New Student Registration:

1. Visit us for a tour or call to speak with our registrars

2. Stop by a SKY Academy and fill out an application form.

3. Or apply online here.

Note: If you are not a Sarasota County student, please also complete the out-of-county reassignment form for your district & turn in at SKY Academy

Charlotte County Out-of-County Reassignment Form

Manatee County Out-of-County Reassignment Form

Contact: Jennifer Harrison, SKY Academy Venice or
Sue Tyrpak, SKY Academy Englewood

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