Whether your child is academically gifted or struggling, physically out of shape or a stellar athlete, his or her potential will sky rocket at SKY Academy.

As Sarasota Public Charter Middle Schools, SKY Academy schools follow the Florida Career & College Readiness Standards as all public schools do, but it’s our approach that makes us unique. Subjects are studied through the lens of wellness. Making healthy and positive choices will become routine for each student.

Curriculum Information

We follow Sarasota County School's "Middle School Progression Plan." Click the link below to find out more information.

Sarasota County Middle School Progression Plan (PDF)

SOAR Program

SKY Academy's program meets the needs of our advanced students. SOAR courses are designed to challenge students with rigorous course work in order to prepare them to take Advanced Placement Courses in high school. All GT students are served through the SOAR classes.

STEMsmart and Innovative Instruction

As a STEMsmart school, SKY benefited from new technology for students, such as TI-Nspire handheld devices for use in math classes, along with the teacher training needed to integrate it into their classrooms.  Both SKY Academy Schools have gone 1 to 1 ratio with students to chromebooks in their core classes.  What does this mean?  It means that every student has access to technology in every core class.  Every student is given a Google for Education account, which can be accessed wherever the Chrome browser is available.  Most teachers utlize Google Classroom and the many Google for Education Suite Learning Tools available.  Learn more about SKY Academy Schools Technology usage here.

At SKY Academy, academics come first. Students of all abilities are encouraged to exceed their own expectations.

In addition to the two physical education periods held daily, students also have four "core" classes common to most schools: language arts/reading, social studies/civics, mathematics and science. Elective classes in art and Spanish are also offered.