SKY Academy Executive Function

Executive Skills are responsible for how effective we are at managing ourselves. Quite simply, they are the cognitive skills that give us the ability to focus, plan, and act in a goal-directed manner. Basically, the conductor of our brain.

Students need modeling. The skills they need to be organized and manage their time are not difficult, but need support and need to be taught in a systematic way. At SKY students will be provided with support and guidance in developing their executive skills. This guidance will go a long way in helping each student be and feel successful.

The first step in helping students improve their executive skills starts with “Organization of Materials.” At SKY, we will be using the same organization system throughout the entire school. Students’ organizations skills will be reinforced by their teachers and peers, each and every period. 

SKY Academy Executive Function Binders

Zippered Binders will include all the necessary pieces for Executive Function. (Binder, dividers, calculator, 1 pack of start- up ruled paper, planner and pencil pouch)

EF Questions & Answers

EF Student Evaluation/Reminder Checklist