SKY Academy, Englewood - Team Sports

It is the start of a new sports season, and we are excited about the upcoming sporting events. This fall we will be playing Pickleball(Co-Ed) for the first time. Our students will have a chance to learn and grow a new sport. This year golf will be played in the fall rather than in the spring.  The first team to start our sports seasons off will be Volleyball followed by Golf(Co-Ed), Pickleball(Co-Ed), and then Cross  Country(Co-Ed). We are excited about an incredibly successful year with our new and returning students. The second half of the school year will see Boys and Girls Soccer, (Co-Ed) Flag Football, (Co-Ed) Tennis, (Co-Ed)Archery, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball.

-Patrick Walker, NEW Athletic Director (941) 999-4775 ext 126