SKY Academy, Venice - Team Sports

Here at SKY Academy Venice, the Physical Education and Athletics Departments play an important part of the total educational program on a daily basis. Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others. The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged through exercise, group activities, and overall health discussions. A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program. Activities provided are fitness knowledge and practice, lifetime sports, and classroom work to help to educate them on health related topics.

It is these same activities the lend themselves to the development of our sports programs. As a member of the 16 team Charter and Private school sports league, we participate in many team and individual sports throughout the year. We play sports in 4 Seasons: fall (Flag Football and Volleyball), winter (Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Cross Country), winter Part 2 (Boys and Girls Soccer), and spring (Coed Tennis, Coed Golf, Baseball and Girls Softball). In the short existence of SKY Academy Venice, we have won 17 Championships and have been awarded The Athletic Program of the Year for our sports league. Many of our students have achieved success at the next level and have been awarded scholarships at the University level for their athletic achievements.

The SKY Academy Venice Physical Education and Athletic Departments will continue the daily mission of creating well rounded students with a daily emphasis of health, physical, and athletic improvement for our students of today and for future students of tomorrow.