SKY Academy Nutrition Education



Being active must be supported with good nutrition. SKY Academy's Registered Dietitian, Dianne Cogburn, thoughtfully & intentionally plans our SKY Cafe monthly breakfasts and lunches. SKY's nutrition policy is to emphasize more whole foods with fewer ingredients, less processing and VOID of high fructose corn syrup and trans fats.

Students are encouraged to enjoy food in controlled portions, to enjoy water instead of juices or other sugary drinks and to limit foods with high sodium, like frozen dinners.

About Nutrition Education at SKY Academy

  1. Nutrition education is provided to students through a planned, sequential curriculum via a variety of outlets including classroom, cafeteria, and after school programs.
  2. Nutrition education involves the sharing of information with families and the community through menus, newsletters, the Food and Nutrition Services website, parent meetings and other district-wide wellness activities.

IV. Nutrition Guidelines for All Foods on Campus

  1. Food choices reflect good nutrition, appropriate food choices, and food safety for students and staff contributing to the development of overall health and well-being.
  2. All foods and beverages sold or served on campus, including the sales of competitive foods, vending machine food options, and foods of minimal nutritional value shall comply with nutrition standards and requirements established by federal, state, and local laws/regulations.
  3. School meals are made accessible to all students through a variety of meal delivery strategies and time periods.
  4. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in the free and reduced price meal program and provided appropriate materials to apply for such benefits.
  5. Summer nutrition programs are offered and remain consistent with Florida Statutes and standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  6. Guidelines are established and provided to all school-sites for snacks and other foods used for celebrations, school sponsored events and fundraising activities.
  7. Low-fat and fat-free milk, a variety of fruits and vegetables and whole grain products are emphasized in menu development.
  8. Fresh foods are emphasized through the utilization of agriculture programs, including Farm to School, and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.