Faculty/Staff - Englewood

Photo of John Bailey

John Bailey


Photo of Donna Bartkowski

Donna Bartkowski

7th Grade Language Arts

Photo of Jenna Carlin

Jenna Carlin

6th Grade Social Studies

Photo of Michelle Chacon

Michelle Chacon

6th Grade Science

Photo of Megan Coatney

Megan Coatney

Intensive Reading

  • sites.google.com/skyatthey.com/msmckennasclassroom (opens in new window)
Photo of Kellie Dorsey

Kellie Dorsey

7th Grade Physical Education

Photo of Mellisa Febus

Mellisa Febus

SKY Academy Middle Schools, Transportation Coordinator

Photo of Joy Grace

Joy Grace


Photo of Stefani Hicks

Stefani Hicks


Photo of Elizabeth Jaques

Elizabeth Jaques

6th Grade Language Arts

Photo of Katrina Jones
Photo of Lori Keith

Lori Keith

8th Grade Language Arts

  • sites.google.com/skyatthey.com/mrskeiths8thgradela/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Jeffrey Krause

Jeffrey Krause

Physical Education

Photo of Curtis Lynch

Curtis Lynch

8th Grade Science

Photo of Lauren McCall

Lauren McCall

Instructional Technology/ Tech Support

Photo of Deputy Shana Mikelait

Deputy Shana Mikelait

School Safety Officer

Photo of Emily Moore

Emily Moore

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kristina Neary

Kristina Neary

7th Grade Math

Photo of Amanda Peay

Amanda Peay


Photo of Anne Perry

Anne Perry


Photo of Megan Pfeifer

Megan Pfeifer

Intensive Math

Photo of Victoria Pipitone

Victoria Pipitone

Clinic / PE Aide

Photo of Melissa Rock

Melissa Rock

ESE Liaison

Photo of Christina Santowasso

Christina Santowasso

Vice Principal

Photo of Sabrina Staley

Sabrina Staley

8th Grade Math

  • sites.google.com/skyatthey.com/mrs-staleys-8th-grade-math/home-page (opens in new window)
Photo of Taylor Tinkham

Taylor Tinkham

7th Grade Science

Photo of Jesse Tremaine
  • sites.google.com/view/tremainestem/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Emanuel Voska

Emanuel Voska

Physical Education

Photo of Patrick Walker

Patrick Walker

8th Grade Civics

Photo of Sandra Warren

Sandra Warren

6th Grade Math

Photo of Amber Wilson

Amber Wilson

Director of Recruitment & Registration

Photo of Joseph Woyak

Joseph Woyak

7th Grade Civics